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To report a complaint about a building, land use, or other code violation in incorporated Santa Ana, please complete the following form to the best of your ability. The more specific your information, the better we will be able to process your complaint. Fields marked with *[required] must be completed in order to process your complaint. If you have a complaint regarding an activity happening now (i.e., work in progress, sewage spill), please call (714) 667-2780. You can also leave complaint information on this line 24 hours a day, if you prefer. Code enforcement complaints are given a case number and are assigned to an inspector. For more information on the enforcement process, go to Thank you for your help in bringing a potential violation to our attention. Note: If you do not see the code violation complaint type you’re looking for it may not be enforced by Community Preservation but by another agency. Please call (714) 667-2780.

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